The condition of The Church of St Mary and St Finnan.

The church has seen several valiant attempts to make it waterproof over the last years, and the congregation have carried out the task of raising the money and carrying out repairs.

However the very fabric of the church is soaked with water running down the inside of the walls and leaks from the valleys. Internal plaster has been stained brown and plaster board is crumbling. Internal joists, wooden flooring around the altar and wood panelling is plainly damp and wet rot is widespread.The windows have seen many different plain and frosted glass used which detracts from the look of the church. The stained glass window needs considerable work. The internal lighting is poor and barely sufficient and the electric heating likewise.

The Stations of the Cross (possibly by Pugin) number only 11 and these are in poor condition, likewise the altar, also likely to be by Pugin, has deteriorated with age.

Despite this the granite walls are keeping the rain out, the roof is in pretty good condition and the remedial work is clearly identifiable and not technically difficult. There is no sign of dry rot which is a relief.

The key problem is where the lead flashings do not go under the coping stones and the cement fillet intended to run-off to the lead flashings along the gable has come adrift from the wall with a gap of a centimetre or two where water runs down the inside walls, thus damaging the wood, plaster and dampening the congregation.